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RFID Technology, A Marvelous Way to Take Audience Engagement to The Next Level


The world becomes increasingly digital and brand partnerships are the central piece of live events. Finding innovative ways to connect the brands with audiences is what organizers all around the world have been giving their attention to since it's important to reach potential customers that can shift perceptions and create a real emotional engagement in order for them to become loyal customers and purchase their products. Audiences’ engagement can be improved by blending physical and digital experiences together so that the participants are encouraged to play apps and games, answers quizzes and surveys, sampling products or have their photos taken.
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system offers solutions for digital brand activation. Using NFC wristbands introduced by PouchNation, the leading Cashless Payment and Brand Activation provider in Southeast Asia, It opens up opportunities in bridging digital technology and real-life experiences. With social media integration, organizers and sponsors are able to extend their engagement with audiences even after the event ends.

One of the biggest contributions of RFID technology is the wealth of audience demographic and purchasing data. It records transactional details including top-ups, stock keeping unit, point of sale terminal, date and time, and wristband ID. Organizers and sponsors can take their audience engagement to the next level supported by optimizing audience understanding and ROI measurement.

Photo booth station enabled by RFID is a marvelous way to provide audiences with lasting digital memories. They are able to take selfies and show their support for their favorite brand with custom image frames posted on their social media accounts. This experience supported by RFID technology ensuring a highly interactive connection between organizers, sponsors and the audiences which help to build a great ideal for your brand and reinforce it with positive actions that make audiences to identify, trust and enjoy the event.

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  1. There are way more to utilize from RFID :)) Good article by the way!!